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BioSensics Integrates Shimmer Technology into their LEGSys Solution for Portable Gait Analysis

Shimmer is delighted to announce a full partnership with BioSensics, a company who specialise in the development of innovative wearable sensing solutions for healthcare, and who are integrating Shimmer’s sensing technology into their LEGSys™ Solution for Portable Gait Analysis.

The LEGSys™ system can quickly analyze gait without the restraints of a gait laboratory, such as limited walking space. For LEGSys™ Biosensics developed gait analysis algorithms which have been validated and used in clinical studies. LEGSys™ objectively quantifies your patient’s gait, enabling you to document therapy outcomes and identify effective treatments.

Speaking about the announcement, Paul Doherty VP of Sales at Shimmer said “LegSys™ is a great example of the positive impact wearable computing is having on the digital health space, and we are pleased to partner with BioSenics who have chosen our sensing technology for their Portable Gait Analysis solution. This tool is helping physicians and health care professionals throughout the US to make a real difference to patient’s lives. We look forward to growing our partnership with BioSensics in the future as they continue their development of wearable wireless sensing solutions for healthcare”

See the LEGSys™ solution product page.

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