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We believe wearable wireless sensing can provide new insight, and effect real change for societal and business challenges. Our team is core to this philosophy, embracing and constantly redefining how we deliver our technology and solutions now, and in the future.

Meet some members of our team at Shimmer who make our vision a reality … and if you’d like to join us, check out our careers page.

  • William Lyons - Team Members
    William Lyons CMO

    About William Lyons

    William joined in 2009 and is the CMO at Shimmer

    Having worked in engineering focused companies for the past six years, William is a firm believer in making quality content available to all stakeholders, both internal and external. Seeing marketing as a two way communication process, disseminating the internal knowledge base to wider audience, and feeding insight back from clients is core to the team’s daily activity.

    William studied Management and Marketing in Dublin Institute of Technology before completing a Master’s in International Business through the institute’s scholarship program. He also completed Invest Northern Ireland Graduate’s Export Development Programme and holds a Certificate in Export Marketing from the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

    A sports enthusiast, when free from training and competition commitments, travel and food (preferably combined) is how you’ll see him spend his time.

  • Mike Healy - Team Members
    Mike Healy Lead Embedded Software Engineer

    About Mike Healy

    Mike is the lead embedded software engineer at Shimmer, with 8+ years of experience in the wireless sensor network field. Mike studied computer engineering at the University of Limerick before going on to complete a PhD at the same institution in the area of wireless sensor networks and network security.

    When not battling the peculiarities of microcontrollers Mike can be found making the most of gravity on a local mountain (or the large hills that pass for mountains in Ireland), either in a kayak or on a mountain bike, depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

  • Weibo Pan - Team Members
    Weibo Pan Embedded Software Engineer

    About Weibo Pan

    Weibo joined Shimmer as an Embedded Software Engineer in 2013. He primarily works on the new generation product development.

    Weibo got his BE degree in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in telecommunication engineering in 2007. After that he came to Ireland and finished his pursuit of MEngSc and PhD in University College Cork.

    In his spare time, Weibo enjoys swimming, playing badminton, and relaxing with his pet cat.

  • Niamh O’Mahony - Team Members
    Niamh O’Mahony Lead Applications Engineer

    About Niamh O’Mahony

    Niamh joined the Shimmer team in 2012 as an Applications Engineer, and since then progressed to Lead Applications Engineering in 2013. Niamh has been involved in the development of Shimmer's educational module as well as the design and implementation of software applications and firmware solutions.

    Niamh graduated with a BE in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University College Cork in 2006, having carried out internships in both Intel Ireland and EMC2 in the U.S. She then went on to complete a PhD under joint supervision from University College Cork and the University of Calgary, Canada, on the topic of verification strategies for GPS signal acquisition, in 2010.

    Before joining the Shimmer team, Niamh spent two years carrying out postdoctoral research at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, investigating a range of topics, including GPS acquisition, human activity recognition, data mining of kinematic signals for diagnosis of psychiatric disorders and position estimation with inertial sensors.

    When she's not at work, Niamh enjoys going to live music gigs, festivals and travelling!

  • Jong Chern Lim - Team Members
    Jong Chern Lim Applications Engineer - Mobile

    About Jong Chern Lim

    Jong Chern is an Application Engineer as part of the Shimmer team. Primarily he works on Android, Matlab and C# related applications.

    Jong Chern studied Communication and Electronic Engineering at University of Northumbria before completing his MSc in Information Technology at Malaysia University of Science and Technology, and his PhD in Computer Science at University College Dublin.

    In his free time, Jong Chern enjoys messing around with both conventional and nonconventional  musical instruments such as seen in the following videos:

    Shimmer Holiday Greeting -

    Shimmer Air Drums Demo -

  • Ruaidhri Molloy - Team Members
    Ruaidhri Molloy Applications Engineer - Biophysical

    About Ruaidhri Molloy

    Ruaidhri joined Shimmer Research's application's team straight out of his undergrad (Bachelor of Engineering in Sports & Exercise Engineering from the National University of Ireland, Galway).
    His main areas of interest lie in the kinematic and biophysical space where he creates smart, intuitive and attractive applications using LabVIEW and the Android platform.
    When work finishes, he can be found on a variety of sports fields or catching up on the latest tech blogs.

  • Ruud Stolk - Team Members
    Ruud Stolk Applications Engineer

    About Ruud Stolk

    After receiving his MSc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Twente in the Netherlands, Ruud worked for TMS International as technical support manager and test engineer. At TMS International Ruud worked in the field of high-tech medical devices and advanced measurement systems for electro-physiology before joining Shimmer as an Applications Engineer in January 2014.

    His role with Shimmer involves building applications in LabVIEW and Matlab, maintaining instrument drivers, as well as performing validation tests on Shimmer hardware. The versatile character of his job at Shimmer matches his broad interest in technology.

    His move from the Netherlands to Dublin has brought him to the mecca of Irish Rugby, and he is keen on both watching and playing this amazing team sport in his spare time.

  • Mark Nolan - Team Members
    Mark Nolan Development Engineer

    About Mark Nolan

    Mark joined the Shimmer team in early 2014 as a development engineer and brings his passion for innovation and technology development.

    Having graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology with a BEng Tech in Electrical and Control Systems Engineering in 2005, he followed this closely with a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2007. Most recently he completed his PhD from the same institution in the area of multimodal wearable sensors for human-machine interfaces.

    Prior to joining Shimmer, Mark worked as technical consultant on a number of Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher projects, assisting companies with prototype strategy and development. One of the most interesting projects Mark consulted on was for a European Space agency REXUS project, where he co-developed and fabricated a number of circuit boards that were propelled into the earth's stratosphere.

    Never one to turn down challenge, Mark fancies himself as a bit of a handyman - cars, motorbikes, any electronic devise and DIY jobs are never safe in his presence.

  • Alejandro Saez Fernandez - Team Members
    Alejandro Saez Fernandez Applications Engineer

    About Alejandro Saez Fernandez

    Alejandro joined to the Shimmer team as an Applications Engineer. He primarily works on Android and C# related applications.

    Alejandro got his MSc in Computer Science at the University of Granada, Spain. His thesis, called mHealthDroid, was developed using the Shimmer platform, and won the Emilio Herrerra Linares award from the University of Granada. A demonstration of the app can be viewed online:

    mHealthDroid -

    In his spare time, Alejandro enjoys sports with a particular interest in football, travelling and cooking.

  • Tom McMahon - Team Members
    Tom McMahon Senior Marketing Executive - Product Marketing and Comms

    About Tom McMahon

    Tom joined the Shimmer team in early 2011 and has spent time at both HQ in Dublin and in Shimmer’s Boston R&D centre. His efforts are focussed mainly on creative client interactions and on building and engaging with the Shimmer community.

    Due to his closeness to the Shimmer client base Tom plays a key role in understanding customer requirements succinctly and distributing this knowledge throughout the team. It is this customer insight that guides the continued delivery of fluid and effective Shimmer products and services today.

    Tom holds a BA in International Business and Spanish from Dublin City University and an MSc in the area of International Growth from UCD Smurfit Business School. Prior to joining Shimmer, Tom spent time in Telecommunications Industry and in International Finance….briefly.

    With an interest in sports, gadgets and mHealth and Wellness Tom can be found at times micro-blogging or taking pictures of what he cooks so as to remember how to repeat the recipe.

  • Martina Donohue - Team Members
    Martina Donohue Marketing Executive

    About Martina Donohue

    Martina joined Shimmer in December 2013 as part of the Marketing team and brings with her a passion and enthusiasm for wearable sensing. Having previously worked on many academic and commercial business projects in the past, her most esteemed (and favourite) was in the area of integrating a lifestyle and social media approach to fitness.

    Martina holds B.Bs Business Studies and M.Sc in International Business from the Dublin Institute of Technology. Most recently, she completed her MBA from Trinity College Dublin where she had the opportunity to consult for a leading Irish export company on tailored strategic issues such as product strategy and export-led growth. During this intensive year she was also part of a team that advised SME’s seeking to identify an innovative approach for a business problem connected to scale. Prior to joining Shimmer, Martina worked in both the Insurance and Property Industry respectfully.

    Another sports enthusiast and avid runner; any opportunity to take part in a local 5/10k race is seized. Outside of her many professional goals and work commitments, one of her main personal goals over the next two years is to start training for an expedition to base camp one!

  • Aron Morris - Team Members
    Aron Morris Junior Marketing Executive

    About Aron Morris

    Aron joined the Shimmer team in late 2013, and works between Shimmer’s HQ in Dublin and the Shimmer R&D Centre in Boston. His efforts are concentrated on the company’s international growth strategy in key markets, with particular focus on enterprise clients.

    Aron holds a BA (Hons) in Chinese and International Business from Dublin Institute of Technology.  In addition, he is currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in International Business Development, under joint supervision from Irish Management Institute & University College Cork.

    Prior to joining Shimmer, Aron spent a 12 month period in Beijing, China, gaining Asian market intelligence and reviewing processes of acculturation, further developing his skills of intercultural sensitivity.

    With a strong passion for rugby, health and wellness, Aron also finds great enjoyment in personal fitness training (When he isn’t attending comedy gigs!).

  • Test Person - Team Members
    Test Person Test Person

    About Test Person

    Test Person