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Current Use

As the world's leading supplier of wearable wireless sensing technology, we here at Shimmer believe that through our partnerships and collaborators true innovation can be realised.

Since the technology was first released, there has been a broad range of published articles, demonstration videos, case studies, and commercial solutions created with the Shimmer platform.

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Commercial Deployments

At Shimmer we develop close partnerships to realise and deliver market ready wearable sensing products and solutions. We have worked with some of the world’s leading companies in delivering and deploying wireless sensing solutions tailored to meet their enterprise objectives and business needs.



iMotions integrated their Attention Tool with Shimmer's wireless GSR sensor in order to meet the rising demand in their markets



Shimmer worked closely with its partner Sensum, to deliver their fully mobile solution to capture the emotional data of an audience



Biosensics has integrated Shimmers sensing technology into their LEGSys solution for portable gait analysis


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