Proven Technology and Expertise

Mature, Robust, Reliable - Shimmer’s market ready technology tailored to your solution


Shimmer is an ‘end-to-end’ wearable technologies services and sensor manufacture company, that constantly provides best-in-class wearable sensing technology, combined with leading experience and expertise to our customers right across the globe. Our solutions and service range from customisation services and volume manufacture to complete wearable sensing solutions of any complexity.

Our Services Include:

  • Sensor Customisation: Customisation of our wearable sensor technology to specific application and end user requirement, with low cost, quick-turn development builds
  • Custom Design and Manufacture: Hardware evaluation, design and volume manufacture to meet enterprise and market needs. Incorporating virtual (on-screen) prototyping for optimisation of the entire electronic assembly, and interactive feedback from our ISO accredited production line
  • Applications Development: Our experienced applications engineers meet the most ambitious and complex requirements from embedded programming, firmware development, data processing and display
  • New Product and Systems Development: Developing close partnerships to deliver robust and reliable market ready solutions, with ‘design in’ components from proven suppliers to avoid risk
  • Consultancy and Systems Integration: Expertises in evaluating, rationalising and integrating wearable sensing solutions effectively from initial concept to effective integration with wider systems and infrastructures

Engagement and Development Framework

We offer a range of engagement and pricing models to meet our clients’ diverse needs and stage of business growth. We know that delivering on a project is more than just hardware and programming; it involves creating close relationships where honesty and openness facilitates truly innovative collaborations.

We work with all of our clients projects to meet the challenging aspect to identifying exact requirements, and all projects are based upon an agreed and detailed specification of work to ensure your requirements are effectively communicated at all stages of the development cycle.

Our Engagement Models

  • Fixed time and price – suitable for very well defined and specified development needs
  • Time and material – offering greater flexibility where projects are likely to change and develop, project specification can be updated to meet evolving requirements
  • Milestone billing – for longer projects with identifiable stages and milestone deliverables facilitating review of progress to ensure effective delivery
  • Dedicated development team – for long-term relationships and delivery of enterprise solutions core to future growth and development

Development Framework

Having worked with the brightest start-up to Fortune 500 companies, we match our services to your company’s business growth stage and market challenges. We have experience of taking an initial concept right through to deliver of a robust market deployment, and work with clients to navigate each stage of their project.