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Shimmer products are used in a wide range of clinical trials and studies with many papers being published from varying specialities. If you have a paper which you would like included in the following list, please get in contact with us.

Gait Analysis and/or Fall Risk Gait Analysis and/or Fall Risk

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Sports Sports

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Activities of Daily Living Activities of Daily Living

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Amir Mehmood, Akhter Raza, Adnan Nadeem, Umair Saeed. (2016). Study of Multi-Classification of Advanced Daily Life Activities on SHIMMER Sensor Dataset. doi:NA - View Here

Inertial Signal Processing Inertial Signal Processing

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Other Biophysical and Human Metrics Other Biophysical and Human Metrics

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Sensor Networks - Communications, Platform and Power Considerations Sensor Networks - Communications, Platform and Power Considerations

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Vehicular and Environmental Monitoring Vehicular and Environmental Monitoring

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