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Shimmer Wearable Sensor System – Overview

Shimmer’s wearable sensor system allows for simple and effective capture, transmission, processing and display of body sensed data in real-time. Shimmer provides equipment, supporting tools and applications for all stages of this process to allow for the development of a complete body sensor solution, tailored to each unique application requirement.

Key elements to developing ‘wearable sensor systems and applications’

  • Sensor Hardware: Wearable sensor platform to provide wireless computing capabilities, and sensor modules to capture parameters specific to the person and their environment
  • Sensor Firmware: This ‘programs’ the hardware to set up data capture and transmission to match your specific application and usage requirements
  • Software Development Tools: Allows you to develop host side applications to receive, process, interpret, store and display the data as per your application and usage requirements
  • Enabling Software: These are previously developed applications that will provide some or all of the functions to receive, process, interpret, store and display the data captured
  • Advanced Feature Software: These are software applications that provide advance features relating to wireless sensing applications, where all steps of the process from data capture, right through to display have been developed for specific project or usage requirements

Application Areas

The Shimmer body sensor platform and wearable sensing system can be used in a wide range of application areas. As the equipment and tools we supply are highly open and configurable, users can take the technology and mould to their own application requirements or domain expertise.

…of course, these are just some of the applications shimmer is used in. We regularly hear of new applications, research and product development projects from users of the platform as they continue to sense with Shimmer.

To see some examples of how Shimmer is being used, check our resources including videos, published papers, and cases studies.

To see how to develop an application for your need, and look the development paths available that are right for you, check our applications development page.