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Development Paths Available for Your Body Sensor Network Project

Shimmer provides a range of equipment, development tools, enabling and advanced feature software to match to your project needs.

Our equipment, tools and resources are designed to meet various levels of development, from users integrating custom sensor hardware with the Shimmer platform, right through to more ‘plug and play’ data capture and display software

Development Paths for your Project

Plug and Play Data Capture, Processing, and Display Users looking to quick set up and implementation of their project.
Application / Algorithm Development Users looking to develop their application to meet their specific data capture, processing and interpretation requirements. Or looking to test and develop their Algorithms on the Shimmer platform
Software Development Users who are looking to develop custom software and solutions for their project, tailor to end user interface requirement, and unique data capture and processing requirements
Firmware Development Users looking to conduct firmware development, to develop specific data capture, transmission, and power/project efficient features.
Hardware Development Users looking to integrate their party sensors, or custom self design sensors with the Shimmer to leverage the platform’s wearable computing features.
Customisation / Consultancy for Outsourced Solutions Development Users looking to outsource their custom hardware, firmware, and software requirements can engage Shimmer’s customisation and consultancy services for the deliver of a body sensor network solution

What Development Path and Tools are Right for Me?

It’s important when developing wireless sensor network and body sensor network applications that you source the right equipment and tools to match your experience, capabilities and project requirements.

At Shimmer we have try to match the tools and resources we make available to your project development path, experience and project requirements. Please see what tools might match your experience and requirements:

Development Path Expertise/Experience Required Tools / Resource to Meet Your Need
Data Capture, Processing, and Display Domain Expertise to interpret and utilise the data specific to your domain and project requirements Enabling Software, Advanced Feature Software
Application / Algorithm Development Programming and technical experience and expertise Enabling Software, Development Tools and Instrument Drivers
Software Development Software Development and Programming Experience Development Tools and Instrument Drivers
Firmware development Embedded Programming experience and expertise Open source firmware libraries
Hardware Development Electronics and Electrical Engineering Experience and Expertise Analogue Extension Hardware, Manuals and Platform Pin Outs
Customisation / Consultancy for Outsourced Solutions Development Requires detailed specific of requirements to be supplied for evaluation by Shimmer Project accepted based on technical and economic feasibility for both parties

To find our more on our development tools, software application and solutions, please see the relevant pages in this section.