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Shimmer Software

Data Acquisition and Display Software for Sensor Systems

Shimmer provides a number of enabling software applications to support users of the Shimmer platform. This allows users to quick configure Shimmer for data acquisition, storage and display of sensed data captured specific to their project or application requirements.

The enabling software works in conjunction with Shimmer’s stock firmware. All enabling software applications are made freely available to current customers and users of the Shimmer platform.

Enabling Software Applications

Shimmer Connect

Shimmer ConnectShimmerConnect allows users to display and save data received from Shimmer devices streaming over Bluetooth. Users can select the sampling rate, which sensors are to be used, enable/disable power monitoring, and change parameters such as the accelerometer’s sensitivity.

Once captured, the data can then be saved to a CSV file for further interpretation and analysis. For more details visit the following web-pages:

ShimmerConnect Source Code – C# Development Webpage
ShimmerConnect – Application Webpage

Shimmer Capture

ShimmerCapture allows users to display and save data received from Shimmer devices streaming over Bluetooth. Shimmer Capture works in conjunction with the Shimmer3 LogAndStream firmware to allow simultaneous streaming of data over Bluetooth as well as the logging of data to the on-   board microSD card. 

The application allows the configuration of a range of parameters on the Shimmer3, and is designed to demonstrate Shimmer’s functionality.

For more details on ShimmerCapture, click here for the Application webpage



Shimmer 9DoF Calibration Application

Shimmer 9DoFThe Shimmer 9DOF Calibration Application Rev0.1 provides an automated procedure for calculating the calibration parameters for Shimmer’s integrated tri-axial accelerometer. The calibration parameters can be stored to the Shimmer memory and recalled by other applications to provide calibrated sensor data.

The application also allows the user to determine, enter and store the offset bias for Shimmer’s tri-axial gyroscope, to enter calibration parameters for a tri-axial gyroscope and magnetometer and store these parameters to the Shimmer memory where they can be recalled by other applications.

For more details via the Calibration Application web-page: Shimmer 9DoF Calibration Application.


ShimmerLog.jpgShimmerLog is a solution for configurable data capture to the shimmer SD card. Logging to the Shimmer microSD card has advantages over Bluetooth streaming in that it removes restrictions associated with limited radio range.

For more information on ShimmerLog please visit the ShimmerLog product page here.


Shimmer Plot


This allows the plotting of CSV (Character Separated Values) data. It is designed specifically for Multi Shimmer Sync users to plot the data they have logged.

However, the application can be used to plot data from any other types of CSV data, as long as the data has been stored in columns.

For more information please visit the Shimmer Plot webpage.

To download this application from the Play Store click here.