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Current Use

Current Use in Research and Education

Shimmer is the worlds leading supplier of wearable wireless sensing technology and solutions to the Research and Education sector. We understand our customers need scientifically reliable data, with a flexible platform and advanced development tools that meets their resource and time constraints.

Since the technology was first released, there has been a broad range of published articles, demonstration videos, case studies, and solutions created with the Shimmer platform.


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Research and Educational Deployment

Shimmer’s technology is currently used in over 65 countries by some of the world’s most prestigious Universities. We were able to partner with some of the leading institutions and organisations in the area of innovation technology because we are equipped with the tools and resources to guide you on your development path


XPRIZE motivates and inspires Innovators, therefore Shimmer has partnered with XPRIZE on their Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE     


The Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE is another competition that Shimmer collaboratively partnered on

Spaulding Rehab Hospital

Partnering with Shimmer, Spaulding realised their opportunity to develop and engage in an end to end solution for wireless sensors

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