Complete Control

The tools to realise Your Application, Inspiration, Innovation … Your Solution


Wearable Wireless Sensor Equipment, Tailored to Your Application

Shimmer’s wearable sensor platform and equipment allows for simple and effective biophysical and kinematic data capture in real-time for a wide range of application areas. Designed to be robust, flexible and configurable, Shimmer’s wireless sensor technology provides high quality scientifically reliable data, and gives complete control to easily tailor the equipment to each unique application.

Readily configurable tools greatly reduce application development time to enable greater focus on the analysis and interpretation of sensed data to gain new insights, derive new meaning, and create new solutions.

‘The tools to realise your application’

  • Wearable Sensing Equipment: Addresses challenges of size, wearability, reliable communications and low power consumption
  • Key Support Tools: Open source low power firmware, host side tools and software applications
  • Tailored: Designed to be configurable and flexible to give complete control over data capture, interpretation and analysis
  • Focus on the Data: Reduce application development time and cost by 80%, focus on interpreting raw data available, developing algorithms and enabling clinical understanding

How the Equipment Works

Shimmer’s sensor equipment and solutions are based around the Shimmer wireless sensor platform (often referred to as the main-board). This provides a lot of the features required to develop wireless sensing applications and can be tailored to each application as follows:

  • Essential Hardware: Sensor platform includes basic motion sensing, micro-controller to set up data capture, radios for wireless transmission of data, internal memory for local storage of data, and a rechargeable battery.
  • Sensing Capabilities: There are a range of sensing capabilities that can data specific to the person and their environment including motion, biophysical, and ambient sensors.
  • Firmware: The units have standard firmware that allows for the units to be configured specific to each applications data capture and transmission requirement via supporting applications. The firmware is open source, so it can also be developed by each individual user if desired
  • Development Tools, Enabling Software and Advance Feature Software: Raw data is provided by the Shimmer platform, and can be received by enabling software for further interpretation and analysis. Application development tools and instrument drivers are also provide to allow for the creation of software and applications for complete wireless sensing solutions to be developed.

‘Modular Approach’

Shimmer has a modular approach to wearable sensing. This means that the Shimmer platform (baseboard) is essentially a wearable computing platform with integrated 10DoF motion sensing (Accelerometer, Gyro, Magnetometer, Altimeter). Various sensing modules can then be added to Shimmer platform on a one-to-one basis (referred to as sensor daughter board).