NeuroLynQ is Shimmer's first complete solution, integrating both hardware and software, which has been developed for neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience applications. Within a single wrist-worn device, NeuroLynQ combines two of Shimmer's advanced technologies measuring two different physiological reactions; Heart Rate and Galvanic Skin Response -  to allow for  a much deeper insight into the complex emotional response of your audience to marketing material, advertising and other sensory stimuli,

Use NeuroLynQ for anything from small focus groups to large in-depth research studies and gain a deeper insight into the customer decision making process, and the emotional engagement of your audience by integrating real, quantifiable, actionable data to your research.

Eliminate the need for multiple costly and time consuming studies by capturing synchronized data from multiple participants in a single session. This data can be streamed live to the all new NeuroLynQ software or logged to an integrated 8GB SD card on board each NeuroLynQ device. 

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NeuroLynQ Software:

The NeuroLynQ solution integrates Shimmer hardware with an entirely new software application, which allows the user to visualize heart rate and GSR data in real-time without the need for further processing or advanced technical expertise. Live visualisation of both heart-rate and GSR data allows the user to observe fluctuations in data in realtime and highlight moments of interest as they occur.


NeuroLynQ visualize live HR and GSR data

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The NeuroLynQ solution can be applied to a variety of different applications such as:

  • Market Research 

  • Stress Detection and Analysis

  • Psychological Arousal

  • Relaxation Training and Psychotherapy

  • Affective Computing and Cognitive Factors Research

What marketer, sales representative or indeed any business professional hasn't wished that they could step inside the minds of their customers to see what they really think of their brand or their marketing materials. NeuroLynQ allows the user to harness the power of human emotion.

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Features & Benefits

Your NeuroLynQ Kit will comprise of four components:

  • Base (up to 2x Base15, 1 x Base6)
  • Span (a USB dongle with an IEEE 802.15.4 radio, up to 7 can be used per PC)
  • Individual NeuroLynQ sensors (up to 36)
  • NeuroLynQ software license per user
  • Accessories including wrist straps, biophysical leads, and electrodes

Other Features:

  • Simultaneous live streaming from up to 36 participants
  • Visualization of live streamed GSR and Heart-rate data @ 5Hz
  • Import high resolution raw data, logged to internal SD card @ 256Hz
  • Data stored in a SQL database
  • Event annotation capability - moments of interest can be highlighted as they occur
  • Export of raw and processed data from database in multiple formats such as .csv for further processing


NeuroLynQ unit:

  • MSP430 (24Hz, 16-Bit) Microcontroller
  • Integrated 8GB Micro-SD card
  • 450 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery > 8 hours continuous use 
  • Ultra lightweight (<30 grams)
  • 65 x 32 x 12mm


  • Measurement Range: 10k-470MΩ (0.2µS - 100µS) ± 10%. 22k-680kΩ (1.5-45µS) ± 3%
  • Frequency Range: DC-15.9Hz
  • Bias Voltage across GSR input: 0.5 V
  • Resolution: 12-bit resolution over the full 0-3V input range


  • Gain: Preset = 6 (gains of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 available via customisation)
  • Resolution: 24-bit resolution over the full 0-3V input range
  • Input differential dynamic range: Approx 800 mV (for gain = 6)
  • Bandwidth: 8.4 kHz





Biometric Market Research

Stress Detection and Analysis

Psychological Arousal

Relaxation Training and Psychtherapy

Affective Computing and Cognitive Factors Research


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