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Shimmer C# API / ShimmerConnect ID

Shimmer C# API / ShimmerConnect ID

Shimmer C# API / ShimmerConnect ID

Shimmer C# API Development


ShimmerConnect is a cross platform application intended to demonstrate how to interact with Shimmer devices, both how to send commands (configuration, start streaming) and read responses (command responses, streamed data), as well as basic functionality to display the raw data and/or save to file. ShimmerConnect is a .NET application written in C#, with the source code available upon request to existing customers and users of the Shimmer platform.

This code is released under the 3-clause BSD license (“New BSD License” or “Modified BSD License”) and so users can take the source code to develop further functionality, and/or tailor to suit a specific requirement. Users can also take the source code to form the basis for further development of additional Shimmer applications in C#.

ShimmerConnect and the C# source code upon which it is built supports the features available in our other instrument drivers such as the reading of calibration parameters from shimmer memory and the plotting and logging of calibrated data as well as the below features:

  • Battery Monitoring/Low battery notification
  • Support for stored ECG and EMG calibration values

ShimmerConnect Application

ShimmerConnect allows users to display and save data received from Shimmer devices streaming over Bluetooth. The application is designed for greater usability and functionality, with a number of data capture parameters being configurable.

Users can select the sampling rate, which sensors are to be used, enable/disable power monitoring, and change parameters such as the accelerometer’s sensitivity. Once captured, the data can then be saved to a CSV file for further interpretation and analysis.

This application runs using the .NET framework in Windows (tested with XP, Vista and Windows 7) and can be run in Linux using mono ( Two versions of the compiled application are available which are tailored to the different operating systems, but differ only in window and control sizing and placement.

3D Orientation Functionality

  • 3D orientation estimation in quaternion format using Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer
  • On-the-fly calibration of Gyroscope while streaming
  • Further Support for BtStream firmware - now allows configuration of the magnetometer (Range & Sampling Rate)
  • Visualization of 3D orientation (see image below)

Watch a Video Demo

Images of the firmware that need to be run on Shimmer are also available to download, which can be installed using the “Shimmer Windows Bootstrap Loader”, and can also be found in tinyos-2.x-contrib/shimmer/BoilerPlate.

The ShimmerConnect Application and its source code can now be downloaded via the Software downloads section of our website (membership required) Link