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ShimmerLog is a Windows based solution (Windows XP or later) for configurable data capture to the shimmer SD card. The application, which works in conjunction with the SDLog firmware will allow Shimmer2 and Shimmer 2r users to log raw and calibrated data directly to the microSD card.

ShimmerLog UI for sensor configuration

Data import using ShimmerLog

ShimmerLog UI for data export

Logging to the Shimmer microSD card has advantages over Bluetooth streaming in that it removes restrictions associated with limited radio range.

Removing these restrictions allows for the simple delivery of ultra mobile sensing applications. The application facilitates longitudinal studies easily, as using microSD card logging with Shimmer promotes more power efficient data capture. When a user is capturing sensor data from large cohorts, the use of ShimmerLog can also be more cost effective when initially preparing a large scale study.

As with all of our data capture tools the ShimmerLog application outputs data in a standard tab delimited text file which can be viewed or edited with standard text editing applications including Open Office and MS Excel. The application also comes with a .m script which allows for seamless transfer of the captured data into MATLAB for post processing.

Main Features Include:

  • Fully configurable data logging to SD card.
  • Define and save configuration for a trial and re-load at a later date
  • Three start/stop logging options
  • Simple, intuitive application user interface
  • Automated transfer of data from Shimmer to PC
  • Export data in raw or calibrated format to a tab delimited text file


Windows XP or later

**Shimmer also provides SDLog Firmware that works in conjunction with the ShimmerLog application**

To download the SDLog Firmware please click here.


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